•    Indivisible & River City Girls Trailers   

    They’re both out in stores now and I’m excited to say I worked on them both as a clean up person!

    Check them out (and maybe pick up a few copies for friends?)!!!

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  •    Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe Trailer!   

    And here we are almost a year later and I did indeed come back for the DLC!

    Once I get a couple things in order I’ll upload some animation from all iterations of BCB that I cleaned up for Trinket Studios and Adult swim games.

    Shout outs to Studio Yotta for putting together this gorgeous animated opening!Update me when site is updated

  •    Battle Chef Brigade: Switch Release Trailer   

    Should have posted this one a month ago haha, but Battle Chef Brigade is now available on Switch and Steam!

    I was super proud to contribute to this as a clean up artist, and can’t wait to get back in there in case DLC happens.Update me when site is updated

  •    Giant Bomb Quick Looks: Battle Chef Brigade   

    Now I know I’ve truly arrived! (even though I’m only just now seeing this month old video). The boys over at Giant Bomb East played the backer demo for Battle Chef Brigade, one of the game projects I’m contracting on. This is actually my first time seeing a lot of the frames I’ve cleaned up in motion.Update me when site is updated

  •    Skullgirls Mobile!   

    I wanted a bit of time to pass before this was OK to mention, but I think I’m cool now haha!

    Lab Zero is working with the team at Hidden Variable Studios to make Skullgirls Mobile. Currently it’s in a closed beta, but expect to see it some time next year once all the kinks have been worked out. And incidentally, yes, we have added some new animation content to it that will find its way back to the PC and console versions.Update me when site is updated

  •    12 Days Left To Support Indivisble!   

    I’m once again helping Lab Zero with a the awesome new action RPG, INDIVISIBLE!

    But only if the Indiegogo campaign for it succeeds! We currently need are sitting at $1,085,000 of the $1.5 million that we need to make this happen. use the links below to find out more, play the free prototype and contribute to the campaign if you can.

    Info and the PC Prototype –  http://indivisiblegame.com/

    PSN Store Link to PS4 version of Prototype – https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/indivisible-prototype-beta/cid=UP4040-CUSA04000_00-INDIVISIBLEPROTO

    Indiegogo Campaign Page – www.support-indivisible.com


    If you want to see how far I’ve been willing to go for this game, check out the “Guerrilla Marketing” I did during New York Comic-Con.Update me when site is updated

  •    THE SHOW GOES ON!   

    Well now that the work is done and the game is slated for release super soon, I suppose I can share this for promotions sake (whoo-hoo open development!). Here’s a taste of what to expect from Skullgirls: 2nd Encore when it releases on PS4 and Vita this summer.

    Side note (I also have the shirt that Earl is wearing in that video and I feel 10 times as powerful every time I do)Update me when site is updated

  •    Corner Hats and Cranium Women   

    Well, now that the games are out there and I’m free to show off a some of my more recent work. I’ve cut together a new demo reel that shows off the character animations I’ve done for Children of Liberty and my clean up animations on Skullgirls (along with some other more modest work). Cheers!

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  •    Busy, busy….oh yeah and BUSY!   

    Item #1 – That little project I was helping my friend at Parsons on has been completed and turned in for this thesis. Gone is the cute robot adventurer from previous posts and replaced is a lone space traveler searching for any signs of life. I assume he got an A 🙂

    Item #2 – I’m super excited about this. I am currently doing some contract work on Alex Ahad and Mike Zaimont’s upcoming console fighter “Skullgirls.” While I can’t say SPECIFICALLY what I am doing, the following video will hopefully get the general idea across.


    Item#3 – Also I’m lending a hand to the folks at Lantana Games with there upcoming project “Children of Liberty.” Again…I am obligated to be mum on WHAT I’m doing, but I’m sure I’m in this trailer somewhere…


     Update me when site is updated

  •    A few other odds and ends…   

    I’ve been a doing a bit of housekeeping lately and decided to through a few new/old things up today.

    Here is a snippet from SEQALab’s Anime Weekend Atlanta adventure back in 09′. I took various pieces of footage over the weekend to post on their site, with the hope of educating young artists who may want to attend artist alleys. The bit below in particular was in regards to display setups, and we had the pleasure of interviewing one Ms. Julia Lichty on the subject.

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