•    Giant Bomb Quick Looks: Battle Chef Brigade   

    Now I know I’ve truly arrived! (even though I’m only just now seeing this month old video). The boys over at Giant Bomb East played the backer demo for Battle Chef Brigade, one of the game projects I’m contracting on. This is actually my first time seeing a lot of the frames I’ve cleaned up in motion.

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  •    Skullgirls Mobile!   

    I wanted a bit of time to pass before this was OK to mention, but I think I’m cool now haha!

    Lab Zero is working with the team at Hidden Variable Studios to make Skullgirls Mobile. Currently it’s in a closed beta, but expect to see it some time next year once all the kinks have been worked out. And incidentally, yes, we have added some new animation content to it that will find its way back to the PC and console versions.

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