•    Busy, busy….oh yeah and BUSY!   

    Item #1 – That little project I was helping my friend at Parsons on has been completed and turned in for this thesis. Gone is the cute robot adventurer from previous posts and replaced is a lone space traveler searching for any signs of life. I assume he got an A 🙂

    Item #2 – I’m super excited about this. I am currently doing some contract work on Alex Ahad and Mike Zaimont’s upcoming console fighter “Skullgirls.” While I can’t say SPECIFICALLY what I am doing, the following video will hopefully get the general idea across.


    Item#3 – Also I’m lending a hand to the folks at Lantana Games with there upcoming project “Children of Liberty.” Again…I am obligated to be mum on WHAT I’m doing, but I’m sure I’m in this trailer somewhere…



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